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The team of family law attorneys at Yanagida & Associates strives to resolve divorce actions through settlement and mediation minimizing the debilitating effects of divorce on spouses and the corrosive impact on their children.  Our attorneys are divorce mediators and are acutely sensitive of the long-term consequences of a divorce that goes haywire.

An uncontested divorce in Maui is the most economical and amicable way to end the marriage. It’s simple and offers you and your spouse the most inexpensive way to terminate your marriage.  Unfortunately, an unconcontested divorce is not right course of action when the parties have disputes over who gets what which cannot be amicably resolved and mediated. If this is the case, the divorce turns to a contested divorce and we will vigorously litigate on your behalf. Let Yanagida & Associates help you file for divorce in Maui.

Get Divorce Advice in Maui

If your divorce action cannot be amicably resolved, we are your zealous advocates, even when the odds initially may not seem to be in your favor. Here are some results we have achieved for our clients:

  • The Family Court determined that the age and life expectancy of the parties, the parties’ separate economic lives and the parties’ medical conditions were not valid and relevant considerations (VARCs) “warranting deviation from the partnership model.”   The Family Court did not abuse its discretion in denying ex-wife motion for a new trial following ex-husband death after a bifurcated trial but before the court entered its orders dividing and distributing the estate of the parties.  Henna v. Hayashida 129 Hawai’i 448 (App. 2013).
  • The firm obtained an order ousting an ex-husband who was frustrating the sale of real property.
  • An artist who had recently relocated on Maui won custody of his two sons, including a youngster who had been living with his mother in Oregon.
  • A local businessman won all of his Hawaii and Las Vegas business assets as well as an order that his wife pay his legal and expert accounting fees. Onaka v. Onaka 129 Hawai’i 374 (2006)

Our attorneys regularly appear before all family court judges on Maui, often appearing at several hearings each week. Also, our varied backgrounds and extensive business experience equip us well to handle multi-state jurisdiction issues.

When required, we work on an emergency basis to obtain restraining orders and temporary custody. For complex property issues, we engage accounting experts to work on your behalf. When necessary, we also retain experts for psychological evaluations and seek to compel paternity testing.

The attorneys at Yanagida and Associates give you the divorce advice you need in filing a divorce in Maui. Speak with our offices about an initial consultation.

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